Zack Sands... What can I tell you about him? The only thing bigger than his ego is his power over black magic. What I mean by that is that he is a bloody conceited bastard, but he is a bloody conceited bastard for a damn good reason... - Grenshaur, lizardman bounty hunter, 3 days and 10 hours before Twilightfall

A lot of people say that I'm reckless, but that's not true... I simply like to have fun! - Zack Sands, 15 minutes before Twilightfall

Volume three of the Rider of the Black Horse pentalogy, Twilightfall continues the story of Monsters. Flora E'Lyn is being hunted by an extraplanar bounty hunter who wants the amulet given to her by Jason Vogan. Flora seeks out the aid of the eccentric black magician Zack Sands in order to defeat the bounty hunter and track down whoever he is working for. Zack's obnoxious style and bad attitude land them in one extreme situation after another. As they learn that a powerful magician thought dead for thousands of years has returned, they must reluctantly turn to someone they despise for assistance, lest the returned magician brings about a new, dark age in Arghard. Neither of them suspects that a much greater threat is around the corner for which none of them is prepared. We are mere days away from Twilightfall.

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