Con City Books

Con City

A young programmer student discovers a conspiracy surrounding online software distribution in Con City. Can the city's most violent police officer save her from the best and most psychotic hitman in the world?

Road To Con City

A retired chainsmoker hitman is called upon to deliver a pen drive to Con City. Can he survive the machinations of a ruthless arms dealer, or will he fall to the blade of an unhinged rival assassin?

Shadow Of Con City

A rogue army general invades a small town and threatens to nuke twenty million people. Can a cook, two waitresses, and the local psychopath save the day?

Bear Of Con City

The nice people in white coats told Manny the Bear to find the honey deep within the bellies of his playmates. Will he ever find it?

Monkey Of Con City

A scientist tries to train a monkey to write Hamlet 2, exactly the way Shakespeare would have done. Will he succeed, or will his project be ruined by film producers, gun toting maniacs, and birds?

Maniacs Of Con City

A malfunctioning AI goes on a murderous rampage in the city of Brickton and turns the life of a young woman upside down. Can she reign in the artificial maniac, or will the AI force her to paint the town red with blood?

Bullfight Brutality

An aspiring film producer who has never made a movie in his life teams up with four weirdos to make the greatest movie of all time. Will they thrive in the shark infested waters of the film industry, or will they fall victim to their own incompetence?

Railway Rampage

An aspiring film producer and his team of unprofessional filmmakers try to make the greatest movie of all time, in spite of the disastrous result of their previous attempt. Will they thrive in the shark infested waters of the film industry this time, or will they fall victim to their own incompetence once again?

Other Books

Rider Of The Black Horse

A half-demon chasing a futile dream. An elf huntress embracing her monstrous side. A foul-mouthed black magician obsessed with knowledge. A warrior who likes his swords big and his golems bigger. A vengeful dragon queen intent on starting the biggest war in history. Can they come together against the odds in spite of their obsessions and egos, or will their unfolding epic battles culminate in the end of all things?