Thrills! Excitement! Mayhem! Con City!

Welcome to Con City Press! Step into the thrilling world of Con City and experience the everyday insanity of a black comedy crime fiction universe quite unlike any other. We offer seven books and counting, short story series, short films, archives of a radio station that aired for five minutes every month for 11 months, and even a tourist guide for hitchhikers brave enough to enter Con City. Pick your poison and enjoy the ride!

Latest Novella

Cafe Carnage

An aspiring film producer who has never made a movie in his life teams up with four weirdos to make the greatest movie of all time. Will they thrive in the shark infested waters of the film industry, or will they fall victim to their own incompetence?

Latest Novel

Maniacs Of Con City

A malfunctioning AI goes on a murderous rampage in the city of Brickton and turns the life of a young woman upside down. Can she reign in the artificial maniac, or will the AI force her to paint the town red with blood?

Featured Video

Rick Jackson's Hollywood

Can an amateur filmmaker and a greedy Hollywood producer film the true story of a retired hitman's journey across the county with an explosive computer virus on a memory stick?

Guide To Con City

Hitchhiker's Guide To Con City

A group of thrillseeking tourists and a freelance journalist explore the dangerous sights of Con City and its surroundings. Can they survive the riots, bullfights, the local fish, and the crime-ridden streets of Con City?