After the battle, I observed the golems. Many of them were in dire need of mending. Had I arrived just a few days later, perhaps all of them would have fallen to the invaders. That infuriated me even more, but there was no-one left to take out my anger on. So I used my magic to fix up the golems, and then retreated to the Keep, to rest. As I returned to my room and lay in my bed, I thought back to the battle and the way I had fought. I was like a man who cared not whether he'd live or die, I thought. I knew I had no death wish, so it was strange to think that way. I contemplated long on that, and slowly I realized that something was broken inside of me. I knew, that my life would never be the same again... - Daniel Keehmor, around twelve years before Twilightfall

Volume four of the Rider of the Black Horse pentalogy, Brothers continues the story of Twilightfall. Daniel Keehmor has been released from his magical imprisonment just in time to witness Twilightfall, an event which changed the face of Arghard forever. While Daniel does not understand what is happening, he finds an artifact that seems to act as a magical compass, compelling him to travel to the northern edge of Draconia. Accompanied by Flora E'Lyn he travels through a world plagued by monsters while his friend, Zack Sands slowly figures out what is happening. Zack realizes that their time is running out, and rushes to find his best friend before they are all consumed by a destructive force that neither of them can stand up against. Twilightfall has come and changed the world of Arghard forever, but the worst is yet to come.

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